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Ohio Auto Recovery / Auto Repossession Companies

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Amherst, Ohio Auto Repossession Companies

Iron City Recovery, Inc.


Contact: Jorge Rodriquez
Phone: 440-377-5036
Fax: 440-551-2886
4456 N. Abbe Road
Sheffield Village, OH 44054
Email: icr@ironcityrecovery.com


Mbsi-corp-repossession-software.jpg Rdn-recovery-database-network-sm.jpg Myrecoverysystem.jpg Certified-asset-recovery-specialist-sm.jpg Drn-digital-recognition-network-sm.jpg Irepo.jpg Plate-locate-repoman.jpg Clear-plan-repossession-software.jpg

Call Iron City Recovery, Inc. is you need a reliable and cost-effective repoman in Amherst, Ohio. We service all of Northern Ohio and repossess everything from autos, trucks and buses to boats to airplanes. Our team of experienced skip tracers and investigators can quickly locate collateral anywhere in the country. Services include secure indoor and outdoor storage, transport services, locksmith services, condition reports, and more.

Cincinnati, Ohio Auto Repossession Companies

RMK-Recovery RMK Recovery


Contact: Ray Mason
Phone: 812-352-0990
Fax: 812-352-0302
6855 State Road 128, Miamitown, OH 45041
Website: www.rmkrecovery.com

American-recovery-association-sm.jpg Eagle-group-auto-recovery.jpg Certified-asset-recovery-specialist-sm.jpg Rdn-recovery-database-network-sm.jpg RISC-recovery-industry-services-company.jpg Irepo.jpg Drn-digital-recognition-network-sm.jpg Clearplan-repossession-software.jpg

RMK Recovery is a bonded, licensed, insured, and C.A.R.S. certified Cincinnati repossession company. We have the experience and equipment needed to repossess almost anything, including cars, trucks, vans, boats, RV's, trailers, limo's, motorcycles, airplanes, mobile homes, heavy equipment, scooters, PWC's, snowmobiles, and more. RMK's prices are very competitive, and our collateral recovery rate is over 90% on many of our accounts. Our repo agency covers a large area that also includes Columbus, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Cincinnati, OH & Louisville, KY. Contact Ray Mason at 812-352-0990 if you need fast, safe, dependable repo services in Cincinnati.

Cleveland, Ohio Auto Repossession Companies

Iron City Recovery, Inc.


Contact: Jorge Rodriquez
Phone: 440-377-5036
Fax: 440-551-2886
4456 N. Abbe Road
Sheffield Village, OH 44054
Email: icr@ironcityrecovery.com

Mbsi-corp-repossession-software.jpg   Rdn-recovery-database-network-sm.jpg    Myrecoverysystem.jpg    Certified-asset-recovery-specialist-sm.jpg   Drn-digital-recognition-network-sm.jpg    Irepo.jpg  Plate-locate-repoman.jpg    Clear-plan-repossession-software.jpg

The staff of Certified Ohio Repossession Professionals at Iron City Recovery, Inc. provides excellent and "one of a kind" repossessions services in Cleveland and all cities in Northern Ohio. We provide the best in vehicle repossession and recovery services including investigation and nationwide skip tracing. If it can be financed, we can repossess it. We repossess everything from autos to buses to boats to airplanes.

SourceOne Adjusters of Ohio - Cleveland offices

Contact: Skip
Phone: 800-245-1634
Fax: (440) 232-5955
20400 Tower Drive
Walton Hills, Ohio 44146
Email: Columbus@skipco.com
Website: www.sourceoneadjusters.com

SourceOne Adjusters of Ohio has been serving lenders since 1978. Today, we are the largest repossession company in Ohio serving lenders from 6 offices across Ohio. Call Skip at 800-245-1634 if you need a licensed, bonded and insured (all-inclusive 4 million dollar policy) repoman in Cleveland or in any of the surrounding areas. Our repo agents are trained & certified by C.A.R.S. and we are licensed (#2005008745) Ohio private investigators. We are a full-service Cleveland repossession company. The services we offer include skip tracing, remarketing, title services, locksmith services, secure storage, and more.

Columbus, Ohio Auto Repossession Companies

Stealth Auto Recovery, LLC


Contact: Derek Keller
Phone: 614-475-7376
Fax: 614-475-8998
3430 Westerville Road, Columbus, Ohio 43224
Email: derek.keller@stealthautorecovery.com
Website: www.stealthautorecovery.com

Cleardata.jpg     Rdn-recovery-database-network-sm.jpg      Certified-asset-recovery-specialist-sm.jpg     Drn-digital-recognition-network-sm.jpg     

Call Stealth Auto Recovery, LLC at 614-475-7376 if you need a licensed repoman in Columbus, Ohio. We have been providing lien holders nationwide with fast and reliable repossession services in Columbus and throughout central Ohio. Your first status update is sent out within 24 hours of receipt of your assignment, and every 72 hours afterwards unless requested more frequent. Click here to download our handy company information kit which includes a recovery assignment order form should you require it. Utilizing the Recovery Database Network (RDN), LPR cameras (1 million scans a month) and the latest in GPS technology, we are able to track and monitor all repossession assignments in real time.

B&B Recovery - Columbus

Contact: Larry
Phone: 614-572-2713
Fax: 614-835-0345
4980 S. Hamilton Road
Groveport, Ohio 43125
Email: b.brecovery1@gmail.com
Certified-asset-recovery-specialist-sm.jpg     Drn-digital-recognition-network-sm.jpg     Rdn-recovery-database-network-sm.jpg

Call Larry at B&B Recovery if you need a reliable and cost-effective repoman in Columbus, Ohio. Every member of our team is a Certified Collateral Recovery Specialist, (CCRS). We are a family owned repossession company with over 13 years of experience in the business. B&B is a full-service Ohio repossession company. Our services include nationwide skip tracing, secure storage facilities, well-maintained repossession equipment and trucks, transportation of collateral arranged, photos and real-time status updates.

GTA Recovery

Contact: Bob Hassan
Phone: 614-732-3502
1156 Alum Creek Dr.
Columbus, Ohio 43209
Email: gtarecovery2010@gmail.com

Cars-i-beam-portal.gif  Irepo.jpg  Rdn-recovery-database-network-sm.jpg  Mbsi-corp-repossession-software.jpg  Certified-asset-recovery-specialist-sm.jpg  Rsig-auto-repo-insurance.png   Drn-digital-recognition-network-sm.jpg Clear-plan-repossession-software.jpg

Call Bob Hassan at GTA Recovery if you need a reliable repoman in Columbus, Ohio. We are a full service Columbus repossession company running 5 wreckers and 2 camera cars 365 days a year. GTA is dedicated to providing lenders with fast damage free repossession services in Columbus and all cities within a 50 mile radius. We can repossess almost anything, including cars, trucks, vans, boats, motorcycles, semis, excavators, tractors, skid steers, RV's and more. Large indoor and outdoor storage facilities for all types of collateral.

SourceOne Adjusters of Ohio - Columbus offices

Contact: Skip
Phone: 800-945-1972
Fax: (614) 497-0587
2461 McGaw Rd.
Obetz, Ohio 43207
Email: Columbus@skipco.com
Website: www.sourceoneadjusters.com

Since 1978 SourceOne Adjusters of Ohio has been providing lenders with repossession services in Columbus, Ohio. With 6 offices in Ohio, we are the largest repossession company in the state. Our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured (all-inclusive 4 million dollar policy) and our agents are C.A.R.S. trained and certified. We are also licensed (#2005008745) Ohio private investigators. Look no further if you need a dependable repoman in Columbus. Our rates are very competitive and we offer a wide range of services, including voluntary and involuntary repossessions, key services, nationwide skip tracing, collateral remarketing, title services, 24/7 secure storage, and more.

Dayton, Ohio Auto Repossession Companies

Steve’s Towing and Recovery

Contact: Steve
Phone: 937-313-1021 2nd Phone: 937-313-0998
Fax: (614) 497-0587
6475 Trenton Franklin Road
Middletown, Ohio 45042
Email: steve@stevestowingandrecovery.net
Website: www.stevestowingandrecovery.net
Facebook: facebook.com/steves.towing

Steve's Towing and Recovery has been providing quality and cost efficient repossession services in Dayton, Ohio since 1997. No matter what type of vehicle you need recovered, they can get the job done. Steve's Towing & Recovery has flat beds, wheel lifts, medium duty, 25 ton to 60 ton heavy duty wrecker, Air-Bag Recovery, 50 Ton Landoll and battery units in it's fleet. 16 trucks and two spotters total. Call Steve at 937-313-1021 if you need a reliable repoman in Dayton. Steve provides repo services in Dayton, and all locations in Butler and Warren County Ohio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Toledo, Ohio Repossession Companies

Platinum Adjusters, LLC

Headquartered in Toledo
Contact: Brian or Larry
Phone: 419-382-7618 Fax: 419-382-7653
3038 South Avenue, Toledo Ohio 43609
Email Address: PlatinumAdjusters@sbcglobal.net

Certified-asset-recovery-specialist-sm.jpg    Irepo.jpg     Rdn-recovery-database-network-sm.jpg     Clearplan-repossession-software.jpg

Headquartered in Toledo, Platinum Adjusters is a licensed, bonded and insured full service Toledo, Ohio repossession company. We service all locations within a 60 mile radius including all cities in Lucas County. Our indoor storage facility is a 30,000 square foot secure building with surveillance cameras and 24/7 monitoring. Call us at 419-382-7618 for timely and cost effective repossession services in Toledo. We have the experience and the equipment needed to repossess almost any collateral with a title.

Youngstown, Ohio Auto Repossession Companies

Interlink Recovery Services, LLC - Youngstown


Contact: Sean Tarr
Phone: 724-646-2700
Fax: 724-646-1565
405 Bronze Rd. N.E.
Warren, Ohio 44483
Email: info@interlinkrecovery.com
Website: www.interlinkrecovery.com

Allied-finance-adjusters.PNG  Certified-asset-recovery-specialist-sm.jpg  Drn-digital-recognition-network-sm.jpg  Rdn-recovery-database-network-sm.jpg Irepo.jpg  Vendor-transparency-solutions.png   Rsig-certifed-recovery-agent.jpg   Rsig-auto-repo-insurance.png

Contact Interlink Recovery Services, LLC if you need a licensed and dependable repossession company in Youngstown, Ohio. Interlink is bonded, licensed, certified and insured with over 20 years of experience. We are a preferred provider of repossession services in Youngstown, Ohio, Northwestern Pennsylvania, and Northeastern Ohio. We can also provide or arrange transport services to any location.

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