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Houston, Texas Repossession Company
Our team of dedicated professionals has over 50 years of combined
experience providing repossession and investigative services.


Phone: 410-344-1501
Fax: 410-344-1502
10202 Deer Trail Dr.
Houston, Texas 77038

Repossession-company-houston.jpg Certified Asset Recovery Specialist®

Metro Investigation & Recovery Solutions, Inc. is a certified, bonded, licensed and insured Houston, Texas Repossession company. Our Houston repo company is a member of the C.A.N. team (Compliant Agent Network) and we have been fully vetted by Recovery Industry Services Company (RISC). We are your local full-service repoman in Houston and all surrounding areas. Metro Investigation & Recovery Solutions, Inc. is fully staffed with experienced field agents, skip tracers, tow truck operators and investigators.

All of our repo trucks have surveillance cameras installed to record every repossession from beginning to end. Any assignment that is not completed within a week or less is turned over to our in-house team of investigators who will work nationwide on finding the debtor and your collateral. Final Notice does not close a case until it has been resolved.

Our equipment and trucks are top of the line, well maintained and equipped with license plate recognition (LPR) software and cameras. With our state-of-the-art equipment and access to nationwide recovery databases, we may already know where your vehicle is at. Over 40 million tags have been logged into the LPR system we use, a number that increases by 1 million monthly.

Serving the greater Houston area including all of Harris, Fort Bend & Montgomery counties

Our repossession company has the equipment and staff needed to cover all of the Houston metropolitan area 365 days a year. Our Texas repossessors are experienced repomen who know how to recover vehicles in a non-confrontational and safe manner in order to meet compliance requirements and your expectations.

Final Notice Recovery's Professional Repossession Industry Affiliations

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Auto Repossession & Collateral Recovery Services We Provide

  • Automobile & Vehicle Recovery
  • Detailed Updates!
  • Skip Tracing
  • Locksmith Services
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • Buses & Limos
  • Impound recovery
  • Storage
  • ATV's & Boats
  • Motorcycle Repo
  • PWC & Snowmobile Repo
  • Long Distance Towing Arranged
  • RV Repo
  • Farm Equipment Repo
  • Condition Reports

MIRS Uses the Latest in License Plate Recognition Technology to Quickly Locate Collateral


You're local repoman and full service repossession company in Houston, Texas