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Repossession Associations, Insurance Companies, and Vendors


Nationwide Repossession Associations

Allied Finance Adjusters
Allied Finance Adjusters Conference Inc. is the largest & oldest national trade association of recovery professionals in North America.

American Recovery Association (ARA)
American Recovery Association, Inc. (ARA) was originally chartered on July 22, 1965 as the American Repossessors Association, Inc. Today, ARA boasts over 260 members across the United States.

Eagle Group XX
Eagle Group XX is an elite group of highly skilled repossessors who can recover any mortgaged collateral anywhere in the world. Their motto is "Anything, Anytime, Anyplace ... Professionally" Eagle Group XX is also affiliated with specially trained repossession professionals throughout the United States known as Eagle Group USA.

International Tow Museum & Survivor Fund
The International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 2005, the organization established its Survivor Fund to provide immediate financial support to families of towing operators who lose their lives in the line of service in our industry.

Recovery Agents Benefit Fund (RABF)
Since 2002 RABF have made distributions to over 50 families who called on the fund because of falling on exceptionally hard times due to debilitating injury, illness or death. This includes times when the fund was called upon because families did not have the money required to pay the expenses to complete their loved one's burial.

Repo Alliance is an industry legislative action organization that addresses impending federal legislation.

Young Professional Repossession Commission
The Young Professional Repossessors Commission (YPRC) is a group of repossessors under the age of 35 who are either American Recovery Association (ARA) members, family members and/or business associates of ARA members. YPRC is dedicated to educating, empowering and creating a platform for young professionals to speak on behalf of ARA and the recovery industry.

State Repossession Associations

California Association of Licensed Repossessors (CALR)
the purpose of CALR is to strengthen understanding between licensed repossessors, law enforcement, financial institutions, regulatory agencies, and the consumer while offering continuing education. CALR also has an active political action committee.

California Credit Union Collectors Council (CCUCC)
Founded in 1978, CCUCC is an organization committed to the education of today’s Credit Union Collector through expert speakers on topics such as consumer law, debt counseling, negotiation techniques, skip tracing, time management, bankruptcy law and communication skills.

Florida Association of Licensed Repossessors (FALR)
FALR offers members up to date information on repossession laws, rules and regulations in Florida.

Georgia Association of Licensed Repossessors (GALR)
Newly formed in August of 2020, GALR is a non-profit organization comprised of collateral recovery agency owners and employees but is open to all stakeholders within the repossession industry. Their goal is to educate our members, financial institutions, law enforcement, and communities with regard to business requirements and compliance standards as well as monitoring legislative efforts within the southeast region that may negatively affect the repo industry. Facebook page:

Illinois Recovery Association (IRA)
Established in 2002, The Illinois Recovery Association meets with city, state, banking, police, and credit union officials to champion causes that directly result in the viable and substantial industry advancements.

Collateral Recovery Association of Illinois (CRAI)
CRAI goal is to establish a problem-solving desk for any issues the Illinois that recovery firms may encounter in renewing the Collateral Recovery license or tickets that may have been issued for violations. CRAI was created to promote positive working relationships among industry professionals, establish a reliable open platform for sharing information, and encourage consistency and integrity. For more information call John Fiorelli at 630-340-5642.

Towing & Recovery Association Of Maine (TRAM)
Founded in 1988, TRAM is a statewide Maine non-profit association of independent and repossession industry related businesses.

Massachusetts Association of Professional Recovery Agents (MAPRA)
MAPRA is a Non-Profit association composed of New England repossession agencies that operate in Massachusetts. Through education opportunities and industry updates, MAPRA's goal is to ensure that all repossessions performed in Massachusetts are done in the most professional manner by competent agencies.

Minnesota Association of Repossession Professional (MARP)
MARP is an independent, non-profit, State trade association, engaged in non-competitive promotion of the repossession industry. Their mission is to foster the exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas through its members, lawmakers and lending institutions.

Nevada Association of Licensed Repossessors (NALR)
Representing and advocating for the licensed repossession membership, and industry, in Nevada

Texas Accredited Repossession Professionals (TexasARP)
TexasARP's goal is to educate their members, financial institutions and law enforcement in regards to business requirements and ordinances set forth by the cities and counties in the state of Texas.

Repossession Agency Insurance Coverage

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Repossession Industry Vendors

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